About Us

We are a team of passionate tech makers and product builders.

Company Overview

Code Hangar is a software development company that specializes in rapid minimum viable app development for growth stage tech startups. By applying lean methodologies to software design and development, Code Hangar provides to startups a consistent pipeline for releasing beautiful, intuitive, value-creating software early and often.

Code Hangar is a fully distributed company based in Orlando, Florida and has established lasting relationships with top tech startups and entrepreneurs in the City Beautiful.

Our primary services include user interface and user experience Design based on Google's Material Design System, front-end development using React.js & React Native, and back-end development using Node.js, Express.js, Postgres.

Our Team

Cassandra Wilcox

Owner, CEO

Full-stack Web Developer & Product Designer

Ian Grail

Owner, President & CTO

Full-stack Web & Mobile App Developer

Max Jackson

Software Developer & Data Scientist

Jyle Vergara

Front End Web Developer

Melanie Arnold

UX Researcher

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Our Values

Default to Transparency

We believe that sharing knowledge openly with our team helps everyone work together more effectively towards common goals.

Some of the things we share with our team regularly include:

  • Monthly Revenue
  • Monthly Costs
  • Company Goals
  • Transparent salary tiers

Read more on why transparency matters from Buffer.

Celebrate Success

Developing software is difficult work. We often need to make difficult decisions quickly. We believe that mistakes are an inevitable and welcome part of the learning process. Still, it's not enough just to be comfortable with failure. We must also be generous with praise and celebrating even the smallest successes.

Examples of how we have celebrated success recently:

  • Feb 2019: Amazon gift cards for team members that reach a significant milestone together.
  • Sep 2018: Cookies for team members that put in extra time to finish a release on time

Support Personal Growth

We believe people are happiest when they are encourage to do their best at what they love. We focus on providing resources, tools and environment (albeit remote) that support and encourage everyone to reach their full potential. No one should ever be boxed in. We want to help our team members identify and cultivate their personal strengths.

Examples of how we have supported personal growth recently:

  • Jan 2019: Purchased book, Company of One, for team
  • Sep 2018: Purchased Skillcrush UX Blueprint for team

Responsibility to Community

We believe that strong communities are important to personal growth. We attribute much of our success as a company to the communities we belong to. We proudly allocate a portion of our company profits to support communities that promote learning and diversity in tech. We encourage our team members to find ways to regularly give back through public speaking, mentoring, and contributing to open source projects.

Examples of how we have supported our communities recently:

  • Nov 2018: Paid Sponsorship Orlando Devs
  • Jan 2018: Paid Sponsorship to Girl Develop It Orlando

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