Cassandra Wilcox

Orlando, FL
How to update your Ghost blog theme

How to update your Ghost blog theme

Ghost is a new open source blogging platform that is much more light weight (and prettier if you ask me) than the more popular Wordpress. Its so new that it doesn't have as many plugins as Wordpress (so it goes). This very blog is a self-hosted Ghost blog! Introduction Out of the box, Ghost comes with a very minimal and attractive default theme called Casper (cute, huh). It features a light sans-serif font and plenty of whitespace for optimal readability. It worked just fine for us for a while until we decided we needed two things: customization and COMMENTS. While...

About Cassandra Wilcox

Cassandra Wilcox is a full-stack JavaScript developer, Cofounder at Code Hangar Inc., Instructor at Girls Who Code, JavaScript Instructor at Skillcrush, and Organizer of Orlando LadyDevs