ReQLPro 0.1.1 Release Notes - Now with RethinkDB SSL Connection Support

ReQLPro is a desktop RethinkDB GUI Client for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. If you’re not sure what RethinkDB is, check out their website to learn more about what makes it “the open-source database for the realtime web.

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What’s New in this Release?

Connect with SSL Certificate

This was a pretty light update, with the most notable feature in ReQLPro version 0.1.1 being RethinkDB SSL Connections.


Adding a connection now has a field to enter your ssl certificate, and an option to reject unauthorized.

These fields will map to r.connect(connectionInfo) as seen below:

const connectionInfo = {
    host: process.env.DATABASE_HOST,
    port: process.env.DATABASE_HOST,
    // ...
    ssl: {
      ca: process.env.SSL_CA,
      rejectUnauthorized: true|false
Inline Edit Empty Table Cells

Another minor convenience we've added is that in the table view, empty cells will now be clickable, allowing you to quickly inline-edit new values for existing columns:



  • Improved query times for large data sets. The default query will now not include an orderBy statement, and if orderBy is left blank it will not run that operation against the database. This is helpful for loading tables with large data sets. We suggesting using the filter query to limit your results before running an orderBy command if you are working with lots of records.
  • The bottom scrollbar is now always visible in the table view.
  • Custom Primary Keys: Records can now be edited and deleted from tables that have custom primary keys.

We hope you enjoy the latest release of ReQLPro! We are always happy to receive feedback from our users so please let us know what you think!

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