RethinkDB Data Management Made Easy with ReQLPro Admin GUI

Announcing ReQLPro (Beta) Launch!

When we first utilized RethinkDB as our datastore of choice on a new project, only one of our team members took the time to dig in and learn the ins-and-outs. As soon as other devs on the team needed to start tweaking values in the database, we hit a problem. RethinkDB didn't have an admin GUI, like Robomongo and Psequel, that we had been accustomed to using on other projects. This meant that everyone had to start pulling up Rethink docs, and learning the query syntax to update/delete/etc records, slowing down the efforts of front-end developers that otherwise don't need to know the query language of the database.

We decided to fix this problem for ourselves by building a native admin UI for RethinkDB. After sharing it with a few friends we realized that this could help a lot of developers. So, we put in the extra effort to release a version of it to the public.

Now, we are happy to announce the release of ReQLPro Beta and invite RethinkDB users, like yourself, to download ReQLPro for Mac OS X! :D

Download ReQLPro

ReQLPro Setup Vid

What is it?

ReQLPro is a RethinkDB database management application a’la SEQUEL PRO or Robomongo.

ReQLPro provides a clean and simple interface for you to browse and modify your RethinkDB data quickly.

Who is it for?

Database and API Developers that want an easier way to view and sort the development data will likely get the most use out of this tool. It is also handy for Front-End Engineers that want to verify at the database level that their forms are submitting correctly, or help to debug data coming out of the REST APIs they’re building against. QA Teams can also benefit by having easy access to browsing the database when testing new API endpoints.

Here are some facts:

  • Developers already spend 90% of their workday typing. Reducing your daily keyboard consumption by using ReQLPro to browse your data is shown to dramatically reduce typing-related finger injuries
  • People that use and share slick DB GUI’s with their team have more friends and earn %15 more on average
  • Studies have shown that using DB client apps reduces the risk of dev cancer by 26%

What does it solve (what's included)?

RethinkDB has a great web interface, out of the box (see here), for managing and monitoring your db instances, and running db commands directly. We wanted to build something to fill in the gaps left by the web interface. Our initial beta launch provides the quick and easy ability to page through your tables, sort them, and insert/update/delete records. Keep an eye on our roadmap for upcoming feature additions.

  • Insert and Update Records

  • Make quick inline edits to specific fields

Tell us what you want? or nah?

Check out our roadmap of planned features and ideas, including Windows Support, Advanced Search Querying, and RethinkDB changefeeds. We're looking for feedback and would love to know what features you'd like to see next.

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