Code Hangar Releases ReQLPro 0.1.0 - RethinkDB GUI for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Now with Users, Permissions and Custom Query Filters

ReQLPro is a desktop RethinkDB GUI Client for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. If you’re not sure what RethinkDB is, check out their website to learn more about what makes it “the open-source database for the realtime web.

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The team at Code Hangar is excited to announce the release of ReQLPro version 0.1.0! This is an exciting release for us because it’s been a long time coming. The last ReQLPro release was about 6 months ago. Why did it take so long time for us to deliver this release? To be honest, our code base had become a bit of a mess and it was becoming difficult for us to fix bugs and add new features in a timely manner. So, we spent the last 6 month refactoring the entire code base so that we can respond to user feedback and turn out releases much faster. Oh yeah, and in the midst of that, RethinkDB was going through some hard times and we weren't sure what to expect.

What’s New in this Release?

The most notable features in ReQLPro version 0.1.0 are Users and Permissions, added thanks to the many requests we received from ReQLPro users. ReQLPro was initially built before RethinkDB supported users and permissions. We are happy to finally include this support in the ReQLPro app as well! Now you can interact with your data in the context of what a particular RethinkDB user can access.

In addition, we have added support for Custom Queries via new UI elements in the data explorer that accept any valid ReQL filter and orderBy statements, giving users much more control over how they view their data.



  • Improved error handling when connecting to a RethinkDB instance
  • Cleaned up some odd issues when adding a new table
  • Editing a Record* will now allow you to remove fields from the document (Please see the related note below)

    The Quit command has been fixed on Windows


  • Query Filters and Ordering: We have added new UI elements to the data explorer that allow you to enter any valid ReQL filter statements and orderBy statements
  • Users and Permissions: Connection Settings now include the option to connect by username and password.
  • Forms and confirmation messages have more helpful focus states, and Enter-Key submissions
  • Column sizes are now persisted at the individual table level. If you resize a table column, view another table and come back, the column will retain its width.

Important Notes:

  • Editing a Record in ReQLPro was previously using the update operation under the hood. We have changed this to now use the replace operation, so that users would be able to remove fields from documents. While the replace operation feels much more natural with the UX of editing a record: We wanted to notify you of the change, so you don't unexpectedly, permanently delete fields from your records.

We hope you enjoy the latest release of ReQLPro! We are always happy to receive feedback from our users so please let us know what you think!

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Cassandra Wilcox

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