ReQLPro version 0.0.3

Now With Windows Support!

Hey everyone. We have a new release of ReQLPro (version 0.0.3) ready for use! The biggest update in this release is a Windows version of the app. We have also been receiving lots of feedback and have implemented quite a bit of it in this version. See below for details on the new features.

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  • Remove error from insert view when navigating away and coming back
  • Rows per page selection was not persisting between changing tables
  • Resized column widths not being persisted across pagination
  • Table view now shows all root level properties of the record, before it was only showing the keys in the largest record in the selection
  • Ability to go back in insert/edit view to the last state you were in
  • Displaying errors now when trying to delete the internal rethinkdb database or its tables


  • Windows Version (64 bit)
  • Insert/edit mode now excepts reql helpers like
  • Significant decrease to app file size from build optimization
  • Added tooltips for action buttons
  • Placeholder text for connection form for common connection info
  • Simple query performance on rethinkdb actions
  • Auto connect after making a new connection favorite

Windows Version

We are excited to announce we have a working windows version of ReQLPro which you can find here.

Insert/Edit accepts reql

We have updated our code view where you can insert and edit records to be able to accept reql commands. This is useful for things like setting dates with To allow this, we also removed the restriction of accepting only valid JSON strings. So the code editor will also accept Javascript objects (removing the need for writing your keys in quotation marks) i.e.

// Javascript
  myKey: "myValue",
  date: // or new Date()


  "myKey": "myValue",
  "date": "2016-07-07T02:51:28.542Z"

Reduced file size

Through spending some time optimizing our build process of the application the dmg is 66% smaller than our previous version.

Have you been using the app? What would you like to see next?

FEED US! We're hungry for feedback!

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