ReQLPro version 0.0.2

Hey everyone. We have a new release of ReQLPro (version 0.0.2) ready for you after receiving some initial feedback. See below for details on the new features.

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  • Collapse the table list in left nav when clicking an expanded item
  • Switch back to table view if insert/edit mode is active when changing tables
  • Highlight the selected table from the left nav
  • Hide the "Items per Page" dropdown when in edit/insert view
  • Preserve ReQL Date types when saving records in edit mode


  • Improve styling of the "Rows per Page" dropdown
  • Add scrolling to database/tables column


  • Add/Remove Databases
  • Add/Remove Tables
  • Refresh table/tree view button
  • Display a loading spinner while queries are running

Add Database

The edit/"pencil" icon next to the selection connection name is now a menu icon, and will open a dropdown menu with options to edit the connection, or to add a new database to the connection.

Add Table

You'll find a new "Add Table" option in the left navigation, at the bottom of the list of tables for an expanded database.

Removing Databases and Tables

To delete a Database or Table: hovering your mouse over the name in the left navigation while display the new delete button.

Have you been using the app? What would you like to see next?

FEED US! We're hungry for feedback!

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